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识字英雄 (Super Brain Hero) is the New Education Ecosystem of learning Mandarin in the most Innovative Way.

Speedy Mandarin Research Centre of the China Academy of Management Science researches and develops the Teaching Materials and Methods for Children to learn Mandarin effectively for Daily Communication, Reading, Writing and Pinyin at 20 times faster the Speed.

Speedy Mandarin Teaching Method which is in line with Children's Cognitive Psychology, can help Children Memorize 2000 Chinese Characters within Concentrate Study in 80 Hours.

The Super Brain Hero App encourage Children to accomplish the Chinese Learning Tasks through Challenges and Games.

Learning Mandarin was never so Fun and achieve High Proficiency Level in short period with Great Self Satisfactory.

First lesson is on Free Trial to learn, Join in and take the Challenge. Let’s see who is the Super Brain Hero.


"Enlightenment of Zi" is an accelerated literacy textbook specially written and prepared for children based on the Speedy Mandarin teaching theory. (Chinese Character is classified as Zi 字)

The SuperBrainHero 识字英雄 is a teaching software that is designed to meet teaching interactive visualization scene of the "Enlightenment of Zi". Combining with children's cognitive psychology, integrating teaching with joy and fun is developed.

The "Enlightenment of Zi" can be used as an enlightening textbook for parents to teach their children, and can also be used as an accelerated supplementary textbook for literacy in Chinese classes in primary schools.

The experimental teaching of hundreds of thousands of people in China over the past 20 years shows that using this teaching system can reduce the speed of learning literacy from 330 hours per thousand words to 30 hours; So as to stimulate children's interest in reading, cultivate early learning ability, enrich their knowledge, expand their vision, broaden their thinking and refine their expression.

At the same time, it can also be used as an auxiliary tool for children's intellectual development. The shorter the time it takes to remember these words, the better the development effect of the right brain.

Enlightenment of Zi retains the four Zi one sentence, eight Zi one rhyme of the (Thousand Characters Text) and every Zi is only use once. On this basis, the entire content of Chinese learning is included for the first time.

Each class has 64 Zi, and each 256 Zi as a level, which is divided into 8 levels. These 2048 Zi cover 96.47% of the commonly used Zi, In addition, the proportion of commonly used Zi covered by the current learning is marked in each class, so that learners can see their progress every day, and it is also convenient to master students' learning level through quantitative assessment.

Through a series of mnemonic tools and games, the software can further shorten the time required to memorize Zi, and PK scores with other children.

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